Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 in writing

Just a note to say thank you to the people that published my work this year. I'm very grateful for being able to collaborate with great editors and directors.


Lighthouse (Nov 2015) Story 'The only thing is certain is': Link
Minor Literature[s] (June 2015) Story 'The photographer's heap': Link
Unreal Cities (June 2015) Project, with Ruby Cowling @ ACF: Link
3:AM Magazine (March 2015) Story ‘Jim Froydon's Lines’: Link
Flash Europa 28 (Feb 2015) Story 'A Wall on Dartmoor': Link 
Chosen by The British Council as a representative of the UK. Translated into Chinese.
The Stockholm Review (Jan 2015) Story 'A Wall on Dartmoor': Link


RIFT (July 2015) STYXLink


The Guardian (Dec 2015) Feature 'Master of the house': Link
The Writing Platform (Oct 2015) Feature 'Writing in Instagram and Twitter': Link
Minor Literature[s] (Oct 2015) Book review 'We Were Meant to be a Gentle People': Link
The Guardian (Oct 2015) Feature 'Questions on privacy': Link
The Guardian (Oct 2015) Feature 'The language of the cloud': Link
The Guardian (July 2015) Feature 'The panopticon and digital surveillance?': Link
The Guardian (July 2015) Feature 'The telegraph and the invention of privacy': Link
The Guardian (June 2015) Feature 'Art and the data-driven city': Link
The Guardian (May 2015) Feature 'Giving drones a good name': Link
VICE (March 2015) Feature 'It’s Vital to Have Video Games That Aren’t ‘Fun’': Link
New Statesman (March 2015) Feature 'Digital hieroglyphics': Link
The Guardian (Feb 2015) Feature 'The sublime in cinema': Link
Kill Screen (Jan 2015) Feature 'The Everyday Lives of Videogame Characters': Link

I also started a new job as a staff writer at Alphr, and have written about the overlap between culture and technology. Eg: Games and fear, Twitter bots, Immersive journalism, The internet and death, Virtual reality and Minecraft poetry.

Thanks again. Happy New Year.

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